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A curated list of product management advice from frameworks, interviews, experts, resources, books, products, career preps, and much more. The list is divided into cores such as product management, resources, interviews, case Studies, sample products/projects, communities, open source projects, free and paid services. There is no pre-established order of items in each category, the order is for contribution. If you want to contribute, please read the guide. Feel free to add products or links to help other product managers.

This list was created for all product managers whether beginner or advanced to learn from the best people and communities. If you are a technical person looking to get into the role of a Product Manager, this advice below will help you along your path. This guide is by all means not the end all to your learning as the best learning is achieved through practice.

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Core 1: Product Management

What is Product Management

Is it really for you?

Becoming a Product Guru

Building Great Products

Get out of the building

All about those Requirements

Roadmaps, Planning, and Prioritization

How to work with Engineers

User Experience

How to work with Designers

Give and Receive Feedback

Shipping and Measuring Products

Organizing your Team

Become the Best in the Field

Core 2: Resources

Resource Repositories



Mockups and Marketing

  •  moqups – A streamlined web app that helps you create and collaborate on wireframes, mockups, diagrams and prototypes.
  •  Typeform – Generate surveys in seconds.
  •  Balsamiq – Rapid wireframing tool.
  •  Tweetdeck – Power-user interface for Twitter.
  •  Flinto for Mac – The prototyping tool designers have been waiting for.
  •  EdisonPlan – The ultimate tool to plan & launch your product.
  •  Precursor – A real-time collaborative prototyping tool
  •  App Screenshot Builder – Create gorgeous images for your App Store page in minutes.
  • – Tightly curated lists of the best startup tools

Team Management

  •  Airtable – Spreadsheet, meet database.
  •  Trello – Trello makes it easy to organize anything with anyone
  •  Google Docs – Create and share your work online
  •  Slack – Team communication for the 21st century
  •  Product Center by Ramen – The best way for SaaS product teams to learn from customers
  •  Evernote – Note taking made easy
  •  Google Drive – Create and collaborate on literally any type of content
  •  Blossom – Agile Project Management
  •  Keynote – Make awesome presentations quickly
  •  Quip – The productivity suite for the mobile generation
  •  Do – Run Productive Meetings.
  •  Producteev – Task Management Software for Teams.
  •  Box Notes – Create documents, take notes and share ideas in real-time.
  •  RealtimeBoard 2.0 – Web-based whiteboarding & team collaboration tool
  •  Smartsheet – Microsoft Project alternative, best used for scheduling and resource management
  •  Zenkit – Better Trello, with Mindmaps



Product Development


  •  Pivot Product Hits – A weekly email newsletter of the best Product Management content
  •  Weekly Thoughts of Tim Herbig – A weekly digest of personal advice for product people and interesting articles around product, ux and entrepreneurship




  •  The Cranky Product Manager – A blog on product management, product marketing, and the ugly side of software product development. As of April 2015, the author, Sue Raisty, no longer writes, but she has a large backlog of great posts.
  •  Street Smart Product Manager – Thriving in the urban jungle of product.
  •  Product Talk – Make better product decisions.
  •  Silicon Valley Product Group – Shares lessons learned and knowledge of product management.
  •  The Clever PM – Tips, tricks, and hacks that help you to be a better, more clever, Product Manager.
  •  Mind the Product – Product Management Blog and events.

Core 3: Real Life Product Management


Product Case Studies

Sample Product Documentation

Communities to Join



North America
South America


  •  Mind the Product Conference – The Conference for Passionate Product People
  •  Industry – Product Conference – For people who build, launch and scale world-class product.
  •  Lean Startup Week – Lean Startup Week is a seven-day immersion into Lean Startup methodology led by star practitioners in big companies and hot startups from around the world.
  •  Enterprise UX 2016 – The Enterprise UX 2016 conference is dedicated to delivering useful, delightful, and humane experiences to people who work for and in enterprises.
  •  Product Camp Brasil – The event is now the largest on Product Management in Latin America, where Brazilian and international speakers share their learnings about Product, UX and Growth with the participants.

Core 4: Get the Job

Hiring a Product Manager Tips/Tricks

Career Prep: Resume

Career Prep: Where to Apply

Career Prep: The Interview

Career Prep: Company Types

Best Product Managers on Twitter

  •  Ken Norton – Partner @GVTeam. Formerly PM @Google.
  •  Josh Elman – Partner, @GreylockVC: @Medium, @Jelly, @AppMeerkat, @Operator, @discordapp @Nextdoor.
  •  Hunter Walk – @homebrew, Seed Stage Venture Fund w @satyap. Made products at YouTube, Google & SecondLife.
  •  Ian McAllister – Director of Product at Airbnb. Former Amazon and founder of @AmazonSmile.
  •  Marty Cagan – I’m a partner at Silicon Valley Product Group, specializing in product teams and product strategy
  •  Ellen Chisa – VP Product for , temporary @harvardhbs dropout.
  •  Jackie Bavaro – Asana Product Manager. Co-Author of Cracking the PM Interview. Previously @ Google & Microsoft
  •  Julie Zhuo – Product design VP @ Facebook.
  •  Joel Spolsky – CEO of Stack Overflow, co-founder of Fog Creek Software (FogBugz, Kiln), and creator of Trello.
  •  Bruce McCarthy – Innovator, consultant, coach, and evangelist for better products and product development
  •  Des Traynor – Co-founder of @intercom.
  •  Sachin Rekhi – Entrepreneur, Product Guy, and Software Engineer.
  •  Adam Nash – CEO @Wealthfront
  •  Rich Mironov – Tech start-up veteran, product exec/coach/mentor, writer (Art of Product Management)
  •  Eric Ries – Trying to change how startups are built.
  •  Steven Sinofsky – Board Partner @a16z • Adviser @BoxHQ • Writings @ Learning by Shipping
  •  Janna Bastow – Co-Founder of MTP/CEO at ProdPad/CoFounder ProductTank and ProductCamp London
  •  Martin Eriksson – Co-Founder at MTP/ProductTank
  •  Simon Cast – Co Founder MTP/ProductTank/ProdPad
  •  Charunethran Panchalam Govindarajan – Product Manager, Intel / Social Entrepreneur / Tech Enthusiast

Special Thanks

Toufiq Mahmud