How to answer product design questions – part 2

What is Product Sense: 

  • Product Sense is the ability to identify what could make a great product.
  • A great product should have the potential 
  1. To achieve the stated objectives for the Business/Product, aligning with the Mission statement 
  2. To solve major pain points of the end-user (user empathy)

The interviewer is looking for – 

  1. Your approach and thought process.
  2.  How impactful and creative your idea is.

Product sense answer breakdown – 

1. Clarifying questions to define the scope of the problem statement 

  1. Agree on the scope of the product
  • Facebook as a company vs Facebook app (web/android/ios)
  • Is the parking lot for a Commercial Retail center or Office or Apartment or paid parking center in the city?
  1. Probe on any key challenge business is trying to solve with the improvement
  • Declining Monthly active users
  • Below-average growth in a specific market segment 
  • Concerning market trend

2. Identify the key Business/Product objective 

  1. Establish the key Business/Product Objective
  • Based on the current product state (market share, core competencies, competition, )
  1. Typical Business/Product Objectives:
  • Acquisition of new users 
  • Improved Customer engagement
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Retention of existing users

3. Identify the key metric that is tying back to the business objective 

  1. Establish the key Product metric tying to the chosen business objective
  • Monthly active users & Average active time per monthly active user for Facebook

4. Identify the user profiles & prioritize 

Prioritize Based on Business Objective & Mission Statement

  1. Persona 1: Office Employee /Student wanting to have a weekend get together with friends (hiking, eating out) 
    • Aligns well with FB mission to build communities by info sharing & Expression
  2. Persona 2: Millennial in rural India with intermittent and slow internet connectivity
    • Cannot satisfy the Business objective of improved customer engagement, due to external dependency of internet infrastructure
  3. Persona 3: Handicraft merchant wanting to sell his goods across the country, using fb marketplace
    • FB security concerns on payment data E-commerce logistics does not align well with FB Mission

5. Create a User journey map to identify key pain points 

Use Customer Journey Map To Identify The User Pain Points

  • Office Employee /Student wanting to have a weekend get together with friends & family (hiking, tourist spots, restaurants, resorts)

User Journey Map 

  1. Coordinate in groups of multiple friends to (1)identify common interests (2) Time (3) Destination
    1. Getting recommendations aligning with a common interest
    2. Research credible reviews for destination
    3. Share proposals with destination reviews with the group & make a decision
  2. Reservation & payment 
  3. Logistics of commute 
  4. Share Experience and reviews in my social circle

6. Prioritize features for the key pain points & aligning to business/product goals 

Prioritize features based on Impact & Efforts needed

  1. Create ‘Yelp’ FB pages for major weekend activity destinations such as restaurants, hiking trails, etc with user reviews 
  2. Ability to set ‘Meetup’ preferences including names of friends, location preference (within X miles), activity type, dates, etc 
  3. Provide Al driven FB recommendations for ‘Meetup’ based on mutual interests of tagged close friends/family members based on the meetup preference settings 
  4. Going to Meetup’ notifications in FB feed for friend circle 
  5. Share FB reviews with pictures/videos of the destination back to the FB ‘Yelp’ page
  6. Integration with partners for restaurant booking/ resort reservation etc
  7. Payment for advanced booking through FB 
  8. Integration with uber/Lyft for commute booking

7. Wireframing 

  • Pen & Paper / Whiteboard/ wireframing tools

8. Defining Low-level Metrics that will help track the product enhancements 

  • How to track the success of the enhancement
  1. Growth in # of new FB ‘yelp’ page reviews added during the month 
  2. Growth in # of new ‘FB meetup’ schedules happening during the month

9. Summarize

Toufiq Mahmud