Describe your day-to-day activities as a Product Manager

Product Discovery & Research Phase:

  • Requirement Gathering – Meeting different Stakeholders to understand their requirements.
  • User Research – Talking to different Customers to understand the pain points they are facing. Also conducting Surveys, User Interviews, and Usability Testing sessions to confirm and validate hypotheses.
  • Monitor Product Metrics – Check Product Dashboards and Data to find the next product opportunity or confirm any existing hypothesis.
  • Market Research – To understand what other players in the industry are working on.
  • Talking to Support Team – To understand the recent issues that customers are reporting.
  • Going through Play Store Reviews – To understand the reason for high uninstalls or low customer ratings.

Product Planning Phase:

  • Plan, Manage and Prioritize Backlog items groom them for the sprint/iterations
  • Defining the Problem Statement and Product Goals.
  • Defining Product Vision, Roadmap, Positioning, and Pricing for new Products.
  • Brainstorm the solution(s) and do a quick whiteboard session or paper prototype (Rapid Prototyping).
  • Collaborate with UX designer to come up with Personas, Customer Journey, Wireframes, and Designs by collaborating with Design Team.
  • Writing PRDs and Documentation.
  • Negotiate with stakeholders on prioritized items and timeline.
  • Negotiate and work with Management to get all the required resources.
  • Conduct Sprint Planning session.

Execution Phase:

  • Collaborate with the Developers to discuss and plan the picked sprint items.
  • Conduct Daily Standups meetings – To keep track of the progress and blockers.
  • Collaborate with the QA team to get the product and feature tested before role out.
  • Go-to-Market Planning for the product or feature.
  • Collaborate with Sales, Marketing & Content – To plan the promotion of the product developed or built.

Post Launch Phase:

  • Track product analytics – To measure success (or failure).
  • Collaborate with the support team to check on customer issues post-launch
  • Conducting Product Demos to Senior Management and Stakeholders.
  • Gather feedback and prioritize them in coming iterations.

Toufiq Mahmud